Home BBQ: New Year's Day

This was my first home barbecue offering of the new year: dinner for me and my sister Sharon. Smoked baby back ribs, smoked lobster tail, and smoked twice baked potatoes. It turned out great.

What I thought about while I was cooking on January 1 in the suburbs of Chicago was that the mild winter (to that point; this week is completely different!) allowed me to do more barbecuing than I did in the summer. Summer would have been fine, and it was my intent to use my BBQ setup all that season, but I had my encounter with aFib, and getting a stent, and going through cardiac rehab.

Summer was what I like to call a “whole thing” and I didn’t do much of what I had planned (God laughs at our plans, doesn’t he?). But it was nice for early winter to redeem that, and I smoked a delicious rib roast for Christmas, and this offering for New Year’s.

We’ll see how long the snow lasts: I want to get back out there and cook!

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